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Multimino-V Multivitamins & Amino acids | supplement | Livestock & poultry


Multimino-V is a food supplement for livestock, poultry & pets. It’s very useful in improving metabolic functions by its powerful antioxidant activity and enhancing the production of bile.
Multimino-V is very useful in cases of liver disease due to infection/liver flukes as well as due to over medication with anti-parasitic products.

Targeted Animals


Goats & small goats


Sheep & lambs






Each 100 ml of  Multimino-V Contains 

L-Carnitine                                  500mg

Thioctic Acid                              20mg

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride       15 mg

Cyanocobalamin                       3mg

DL-Acetyl Methionine              2000mg

L-Arginine                                   240mg

L-Ornithine                               120mg

L-Citrulline                                120 mg

L-Lysine                                      50 mg

Glycine                                       150 mg

Taurine                                       150 mg

Aspartic Acid                            150 mg

Glutamic Acid                          150 mg

Fructose                                    5000 mg

Sorbitol                                      8000 mg

Product Indication

Work Mobile

Very useful in cases of liver disease due to infection/liver flukes as well as due to over medication with anti-parasitic products.

Multimino-V is very useful in treatment of chronic hepatitis as it helps in hepatic and non-hepatic ammonia detoxification.

Very useful during and after viral and bacterial diseases and mycotoxin poisoning by improving immunity.

Very useful in cases of hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue and muscular cramps.

improves feed consumption.

Builds muscles which is very important in meat production farming.

Increases egg production and strengthens egg shell.

Important useful nerve tonic stimulant.


250-500 ml.
250 ml.
20-40 ml per 10 kg body weight.
2-4 ml per kg body weight.
0.5 ml per kg body weight.
1-2 ml per liter of drinking water.
To ensure a correct dosage, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible to avoid underdosing.
There's no withdrawal period for this product.


Multimino-V administered by mixing with drinking water.
A scale = 50 g. ‬‏


Multimino-V came with 250 ml, 500 ml pack size.


Store Multimino-V at a cool and dry place below 25 degree centigrade.
Consult the veterinarian before use.
Keep out of the reach of children.


There is no known specific antidote, if signs of possible overdose occur, treat the animal symptomatically.

Production country


Shelf life

36 months from the date of production.
Shelf life after first opening the container is 28 days. ‬‏

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